Leather Lotion


The 1909 Leather Lotion is a particularly high quality care lotion from the exclusive Collonil 1909 series and is enriched with Aloe Vera and valuable oils. It nourishes and regenerates high-quality smooth leather and protects the material against loss of moisture at the same time. Every shoe treated remains especially soft and smooth thanks to the special combination of high-quality ingredients.

Wax Polish


The 1909 Wax Polish is a classic high-shine shoe wax with high-quality nourishing properties from our well-known and high-quality 1909 care series. It contains the highest quality of ingredients and is enriched with valuable waxes and oils. Ideal for shoe care of the highest standard.

Creme de Luxe


The 1909 Creme de Luxe is enriched with valuable and natural waxes and oils and is ideal for shoe care of the highest standards. It is an integral part of our well-known and high-quality 1909 care series, protects and pampers all smooth leather, providing optimal colour refreshing and a perfect, colour-rich shine.

Leather Cream


A classic in the exclusive 1909 care series from Collonil. The high-quality Leather Cream contains nourishing oils and nurturing substances and therefore meets our highest leather care value preservation demands. The nourishment cream offers intensive but mild care for smooth leather and cleans the material in one step. After application, the shoe shines as good as new and has a wonderful feel.

Carbon Complete


Carbon Complete is a high-performance cleaner and waterproofer. Foam cleaner that provides long-lasting care for smooth and grained leathers.

Carbon Pro


The Carbon Pro waterproofing spray is the king among high-performance waterproofing sprays and the absolutely undisputed best-seller. The innovative technology enables almost limitless waterproofing of all materials and breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®. It works like a sprayable membrane with extreme pearling effect and provides long-lasting protection against penetrating moisture, extreme wet and dirt. Despite the highly effective waterproofing, the treated product remains just as breathable as before. Carbon Pro is designed for shoes, functional jackets, handbags, rucksacks and lots more. When used regularly, the spray significantly lengthens the lifespan of any treated product. Every household needs Carbon Pro!