Leaky soles getting you down? High heels got you feeling low? Lack of laces leaving you listless?

Well fear not, our crack team is here to help.

Not matter the issue, big or small drop in to see us and well will see what we can do to help.

Prices start from £6.50 for Heels and £9.00 for Soles.

We also sell Shoe Laces, Polishes, Cremes and Brushes and are one of the few Cobblers in the UK that are able to Repair and Resole Climbing Shoes.

Full Sole - From £25

Full unit replacement on Hiking Boots, Walking Boots or any type of Boots.

Climbing Shoes
Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes - Fr £20.00

Sole and Rand repair for Climbing Shoes

Rubber Heels - £8.00

Rubber Soles - £11.00

Classic repair for Classic Shoes.