From humble beginnings

Cobbling with a New York view

Kitchen we hardly knew you

Hardly the most spacious of bathrooms

and the destruction has begun

All aboard the Magical Mystery Door

Whats behind this wall?

It's fair to say we had a smashing time

Blue walls

Cobbling Machines arrives

Suprise window

A matching pair

White ceilings make everything better

We love you window Penguin

Cream emulsion we love you alot less

It will be all white on the night

Mr Gorbachev build up that wall and put a door in it

Might be time to call that skip in

Feeling a bit blue?

Is this the bench mark?

Serving area is taking shape

Cover yourself up

Suprise window becomes handy shelf

Tiles by Geoff

Things ae starting to take shape

The bar has been set

Do you ever get that sinking feeling?

Larger bathroom now available in white

Rise and shine

Back office still needs some work

Oooh pretty

Tables and Chairs